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Following are ways parishes are implementing the program. Feel free to contact the parish representatives for more information.

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Ludlow, MA                                                                                  April 2012


John and Teri,

We ran the series in our parish center.   We started each evening with the video presentation.  Couples then proceeded to "dialogue stations" which were designated by a place-setting complete and drinks and snacks, a candle and flowers.  The private couple time was followed by a break and then a game.  On the last evening we ended with a "party" with dance music and ice-cream sundaes.  


We are really looking forward to "The Beatitudes."  

Take care.  God Bless you!


Dick & DuAnne Pasquini

St. Mary's,

Greensborough, Australia                                               February 19, 2012                                                 
St. Mary's recently became the first parish in Australia to use SIX DATES for Catholic Couples.  One couple who has been married 11 years said, "It was just what we needed at this stage in our lives - an opportunity to reconnect with each other."    
Matthew MacDonald,
Director of Marriage and Family Life Office, Archdiocese of Melbourne, Australia                                                            

St. Elizabeth Catholic Community, Ludlow,
Massachusetts, November 23, 2011

Hi John and Teri,
We had our first date night on Nov. 19th.   We had 20 couples and it was wonderful!  We set up a private "dialogue station" for each couple complete with a candle, flowers, wine, etc.  It was a gorgeous sight to see each couple enjoying their private time together.  Very positive comments all around at the end of the evening.    

We are not doing the dates for 6 weeks in a row - but spreading them out a few weeks apart until the end of March.  One session will be a "Celebrate Marriage Mass and Dinner Dance," so we'll have a total of 7 dates!    So far, so good  - praise God!!   

Dick & DuAnne Pasquini

Question from a program coordinator:
Sept. 19, 2011

Since there are 6 video segments and 11 chapters in the book "Happy Together" which chapters in the book correspond to each video segment? Thank you for your assistance!

Thank you for the question.  You will find on the back of each handout the recommended chapters.  However, we have heard that when it comes to Date 5, there are 5 chapters to read and couples find it difficult.  I would recommend an optional schedule below.  

Before Date 1, read Introduction and Chapter 2.
Before Date 2, read Chapters 1 and 5. 
Before Date 3, read Chapters 3 and 6.
Before Date 4, read Chapters 4 and 7.  
Before Date 5, read Chapters 8 and 9.  
Before Date 6, read Chapters 10 and 11 and Conclusion. 

This option distributes the reading more evenly.

John Bosio

Parish, St. Rose of Lima
Chula CA, September 9, 2011

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Bosio,
Thank you so much for your wonderful book and videos. Our Parish, St. Rose of Lima in Chula CA, has enjoyed the series. 
The interest as been so great that many want to continue beyond the Six Dates for Catholic Couples. Any suggestions? Do you have another book or more videos? If not, could you recommend a smilar book with a DVD (video series) for Catholic Couples? 
God Bless,
Alex Balvaneda  
My new book, Blessed is Marriage: A Guide to the Beatitudes for Catholic Couples was release March 2012.  A companion DVD program, The BEATITUDES: A Couple's Path to Greater Joy will be available in July 2012.

Prince of Peace Church,
Ormond Beach, FL
April 4, 2011


We will have our Date Four next Saturday (4/16)  and our couples are totally enjoying it.  We have 13 couples.  Of course, not every couple comes every date night, but each night is special.  To see and be part of the friendships that are being forged is really a blessing.  Most couples want to stay and share after their time alone with the handout.  We have heard some unique honeymoon stories!!
Our couple from Britain shared that he was in the Merchant Marines and went out to sea right after they married.  Turned out she was able to join him on the ship for a few days.  The cook jumped ship, she ended up recruited as cook (and never baked more than a batch of brownies in her life!)  She shared that cooking on rough seas proved very challenging.  (BTW, I got permission to share this). 
Thank you for the program.  It is a real blessing to all parishes and couples facilitating it, without a doubt.

St. Benedict Abbot Church,
McMurray, PA                                                         
March 29, 2011

Dear John and Teri,
The Six Dates for Catholic Couples group at St. Benedict the Abbey cannot thank you both enough for the wonderful program you have produced.  We had 54 couples registered.   We did an expanded evaluation - and everyone present would highly recommend the program to others - and they want to continue in marriage enrichment.  Their comments were inspiring and uplifting.
Dolores Jarell

St. Louis Catholic Church,
Austin, TX
March 20, 2011

Hi John,
We have been averaging about 30 couples each month.  That is GREAT for us!  
I received this email from a HUSBAND!!! I was so excited!
From Tom:
Subject:  Thanks for a great date!
That was the best date Melissa and I have had in years!
Just wanted to thank you for arranging all of this.  We really appreciate all the work that went into organizing this, and we are looking forward to the rest of the date nights.
How cool is that?!  

Amy Allert, M.Th.
Director of Adult, Family, and Young Adult Ministry
St. Louis Catholic Church
512.454.0384 x220

The Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi,
Leesville, NC                      
December 2, 2010

I do want you to know that the program was very well received here when we did it this fall.  The evaluations were very good and one comment they all seemed to have was that they enjoyed the stories Ben and I told after they watched the DVD, relating to the topic. 
My husband Ben and I took a few minutes each time to share examples from our own marriage to illustrate the focus of each particular date.  This doesn’t have to be too involved and in fact, needs to be short since we want the couples to have enough time for their date, particularly if they are using our childcare. But they all seemed to enjoy that part of it and thanked us for offering the program. 

Peace and all good things, 

Gladys Whitehouse 
Coordinator of Family Life Ministry 
The Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi 
11401 Leesville Rd 
Raleigh, NC 27613 

Immaculate Conception Church, 
Willoughby, OH                                                         
October 25, 2010
Hello, John and Teri!
I wanted to give you an update on the initial "Six Dates for Catholic Couples" marriage program that we are currently holding at our parish.  We have 12 couples, and meet on Wednesday evenings.  It has gone well so far (we are in week 4).  Just to let you know that before our couples go their separate ways, we have a prayer together for those present...and also for you and the married couples at your parish as well!
Interestingly enough, couples have told me that after "all" the years of married bliss...the questions in the book, as well as the date night handouts, make them feel a bit "uncomfortable" (which is a good thing!)...because they have not reflected on so much of what is being asked.  The couples love this!
God bless!
Deacon Paul

St. Monica Catholic Church                                                                                  October 5, 2010
Hi John & Teri,
Our first offering of SIX DATES for Catholic Couples is off to a great start - thanks to your help!  55 couples are participating.  We're conducting the program on Saturday nights - stretched out over the course of nine weeks, because we're scheduling around other all-parish activities (dinners and auctions).  We gather right after the Vigil Mass for prayer and the video, then we dismiss the couples for their dates.  Half of the couples are taking advantage of the complimentary childcare! The childcare is being run by families who couldn't go on the dates this fall, but are such strong supporters of marriage that they wanted to help their brothers and sisters. 
Very positive feedback so far.  One couple recently told me, "It just seems like the Church cares about us in a new, deeper way. Thank you."  We already have a waiting list forming for a Spring 2011 offering.  I'll keep you posted.
Thanks again, on behalf of the many couples you're helping in our parish.
Frank DiGirolamo 
Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation
St. Monica Catholic Church 
206.232.9829, x131

St. Peter's Church,
Glenfield, NY                                                                                     
September 24, 2010

This is our second program - we did Date #1 in June and will continue through this year every other month.  People are enriched by the experience and "talking it up" with others so we will have more couples tomorrow night than we had in June.

Your work is very effective.  We appreciate it.

Tom Yousey