Blessed is Marriage

A Guide to the Beatitudes for Catholic Couples

In a world full of distractions and noises that compete for our attention it has become more and more difficult to hear the whisper of God’s voice that speaks to us deep within our heart.


Blessed is Marriage calls spouses to pause and to listen to God’s voice.  The Beatitudes of Jesus, which are introduced here as a path to holiness and happiness in marriage are attitudes that allow us to turn away from the noise in order to turn toward God to listen to him, and to follow his promptings.  In the chapters of the book each Beatitude is explored and applied to day-to-day married life.


One of the premises of this book is that true happiness in marriage is not something we create on our own.  Happiness grows from each spouse’s holiness.  It is only when both spouses are in tune with God’s voice that they can find true contentment in God’s presence and in the company of each other. 


The book gives a faith-based perspective on dealing with issues that all couples face in their married life, such as the disillusionment of unfulfilled dreams, the stress and exhaustion of working and raising a family, the temptations encountered in the work environment and through social media.  It also spotlights the blessings of marriage: the goodness of human sexuality, the gift of children, and the joys of a committed relationship.


What is unique about the book is its approach.  The author intertwines three strands of wisdom: the research from social sciences, the tradition of the Catholic Church and the lived experiences of married couples.

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