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Our books and programs are designed to help Catholic Parishes support married couples with programs that have a positive message about marriage and are grounded in our Catholic Tradition.

                                                                                    John and Teri Bosio

Raising a Catholic Family Today


Building a Domestic Church


A Handbook for Catholic Parents


Winner 2023 CMA Book Award


"Encouraging, inspiring and down to earth."  

Danielle Bean, Brand Manager at Catholic Mom


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Joined by Grace - Prayer Book

Joined by Grace, A Catholic Prayer Book for Engaged and Newly Married Couples. 

By John and Teri Bosio


"Joined by Grace is more than a prayer book. It is an invitation to prayer."

Most Reverend David R. Choby, Bishop of Nashville.


A warm invitation to the faith and a simple approach to Catholicism, Joined by Grace

is a prayer book for beginners and those who want to know more about Catholic prayer life. The book offers guidance about the ways to pray, background information on prayers and devotions, and simple how-to instructions. Family members and friends, as well as pastors, mentor couples, and others working in marriage ministries will find this a perfect gift for engaged and newly married couples.

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SIX JARS OF LOVE can help you experience God's grace within your marriage. Taking inspiration from Cana, where Jesus turned six jars of plain water into exquisite wine, the authors suggest that with the intersession of Mary and the intervention of Jesus couples can enjoy the exquisite wine of their relationship.
This easy to read inspirational book is an excellent wedding gift.  It is full of stories and anecdotes that relate through simple language the spiritual reality of married life.
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Joined by Grace -               Marriage Preparation Program

Joined by Grace, Preparing for the Sacramental Journey of Marriage.

By John and Teri Bosio


"The program's approach is well-grounded in the Church's sacramental theology and provides a basic appreciation of the life of grace at work within us.  Suitable for use with couples at every level of faith development and knowledge, it makes good use of mentor couples as companions for the engagement and sets the stage for ongoing support and marriage enrichment."

Most Rev. Joseph E. Kurtz, Archbishop of Louisville.


Based on the teachings of the popes in Familiaris Consortio and Amoris Laetitia.


Published by Ave Maria Press

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Why and How to Prepare for Marriage:

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Happy Together: The Catholic Blueprint for a Loving Marriage

"Eminently readable, this book is full of practical wisdom and common sense.  Married couples will recognize themselves in its pages and find realistic ways to grow in their understanding, love, and commitment to each other.  This book is a treasure."    

Msgr. Charles D. McGlinn, Pastor

Cure of Ars Catholic Church, Leawood, KS


"Very readable, easy language, down to earth, honest, great anecdotes, and not preachy or crowded with footnotes, although the foonotes offer valuable information."
William F. Urbine, Ph.D.

Past President, National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministries


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Happy Together is available in Spanish as an e-book.

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Blessed Is Marriage: A Guide to the Beatitudes for Catholic Couples

"With a plethora of 'how to' books on the market today, it is refreshing to find one with solid theological and pastoral principles directed to married couples.  Readers seek to be inspired as well as informed, and this book speaks to both head and heart."

Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D.

Archbishop of Louisville


"In this deeply insightful and practical book John Bosio outlines simple ways to take your marriage to the next level."

Matthew Kelly founder of DynamicCatholic.com and New Your Times best selling author of The Seven Levels of Intimacy


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Why Get Married in the Church?

The Lifelong Blessings of a Catholic Wedding

  • Today more and more couples are getting married outside the Church.
  • Parents of young adults find it difficult to explain to their sons and daughters the benefits of being married in the Church.
  • This booklet invites couples to discover the grace, mystery, strength and wonder of the Catholic sacrament of marriage.


Written in a warm and welcoming style, this booklet speaks directly to the engage couple. It provides honest answers to commonly asked questions about Catholic weddings. More importantly, it explains the deeper purpose of marriage as a vocation, and how couples can draw unique grace and strength from the sacrament, their faith, and the entire Catholic community. 

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