Loving Attitudes to Help Married Couples Reconnect

A book all newlyweds shound have.




I LOVED this work! The overall approach is so reader friendly and powerfully effective! The language is real and always relatable to anyone and the format is such that it flows smoothly paging through the work to find what grabs you, or to read it straight through without tiring. Bravo for sure!


Deacon Stephen Bowling

Family Life Director,   Louisville, KY





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Comments from our leaders:

Recalling the miracle of the six jars of water turned into choice wine at Cana, Teri and John Bosio provide a hands-on reflection for every married couple. Grounded on the awareness that the grace of Christ empowers married couples, Six Jars of Love explores six keys to enrich marital love on the journey of life. This book also could serve as a wonderful guide for groups of couples seeking to enrich their marriage.


Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz

Six Jars of Love invites Catholic couples to recognize the presence of Mary and Jesus in their marriage ready to help them as they helped the couple at the wedding at Cana. The book is an invitation for spouses to pray and grow in love following Jesus’ example – a useful reading for all couples to enjoy together.


Bishop J. Mark Spalding

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Read excerpt below


SIX JARS of LOVE - Sample the Introduction and Chapter 1.
Introduction and Chapter I: The Wedding at Cana
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