Parish Programs to Help Couple Grow in Faith


A Couple's Path to Greater Joy

 What The Program Is About

This marriage enrichent program explores the Beatitudes as the path to holiness in Christian marriage.  Holiness is the source of joy in marriage. 


The program invites couples to reflect on their relationship and guides them to understand marriage as their vocation.  The videos and the book provide the input for each of the six sessions, and the handouts provide conversation starters to help couples reflect privately on their marriage. 


Saint John Paul II taught us: "People are made for happiness... It is told in the Book of Genesis: God created man and woman in paradise, Eden, because he wanted them to be happy... The 'Sermon on the Mount' marks out the map of this journey.  The eight Beatitudes are the road signs that show the way."  (John Paul II - World Youth Day 2002)

How To Use The Program and The Book

The program is very versatile.  It can be used as a six sessions parish "Date Night" program, or as a tool for small group discussion, or as a couples' retreat using the videos as presentations for each session. The Beatitudes program is based on the book: Blessed is Marriage: A Guide to the Beatitudes for Catholic Couples, by John Bosio (Twenty-Third Publications, 2012)


The following are the titles and themes of the six videos and couples' session. 


Session 1: Your Marriage is Your Call to Holiness explores: “Blessed are the poor in Spirit.”  Poverty in spirit means acknowledging our need for God and one another.  Some of the skills spouses are encouraged to develop are paying attention and listening to God and to one another.


Session 2: Your Marriage is a Dance explores two Beatitudes: “Blessed are those who mourn” and those who are “persecuted for righteousness’ sake.”  Marriage is not immune to suffering.  Spouses are encouraged to take responsibility for their shortcomings and to accept the discomforts of life graciously. They are also encouraged to stand up for what they believe.


Session 3: Your Marriage is a Three-Legged Race explores two related Beatitudes: “Blessed are the meek” and “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Marriage is a team effort.  To succeed spouses need the attitude of meekness, the ability to resolve conflicts without letting emotions get in the way.  Spouses also need the attitude of peacemaking, the willingness to ask for forgiveness and to reconcile with God and one’s spouse.  


Session 4: Your Marriage is Your Treasure explores: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.”   Doing what is right in marriage begins with honoring one’s commitment to being faithful. The program invites spouses to protect the treasure that is their marriage from anything that might destroy it, such as: relationships outside of marriage, the use of internet and social networks, and pornography.


Session 5: Your Marriage is Your Home explores: “Blessed are the merciful.”  This session is about practicing the works of mercy in our relationship.  The video encourages spouses to become aware of each other’s needs and to help one another meet them.  Doing so makes the marital relationship the place where spouses want to be more than anywhere else -- their home.


Session 6: Your Marriage is a Celebration of Life explores:” Blessed are the pure in heart.”  The video addresses the role of spouses as co-creators with God, and their gratitude to God for all his gifts, including the gift of their sexuality.  It also addresses Natural Family Planning.

"John Bosio has done it again!  He's written another insightful and honest reflection on Marriage, this time taking Pope John Paul II's words to the Youth of the World (World Youth Day, 2002) quite seriously when the Pope said that God created man and woman to be happy together, and the Sermon on the Mount is the map for our journey to such happiness.  John has unpacked the Beatitudes, and mapped the course for any of us who are married to raise the bar in virtue in our marriages.  His companion book and DVD program make this message accessible as Dates for Catholic Couples, which we ourselves found quite meaningful.   

May many marriages become Blessed!"


Lorrie & Don Gramer

Family Life Directors, Diocese of Rockford and Lorrie is President of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers