What People Are Saying

Since its release in January 2010 SIX DATES for Catholic Couples has been offered in parishes across the United States.  Following are comments we received from Program Coordinators and Participants.     


In the picture are couples from Holy Family Parish in Kirkland, WA.


It was a great experience and we are running another session starting in January.  Enrollment is up as couples spoke highly of it and recommended it to other parishioners. 


Couples at Holy Family Parish wrote on their evaluation: One of the most positive experiences in our marriage.  We recommend it to others because we gained insights into many aspects of our marriage from a faith-based perspective.  Most found the reading the book: Happy Together, the Catholic Blueprint for a Loving Marriage very helpful to them.  Others found the videos and the handouts to be most helpful.

Harry Matthews, Program Coordinator

Fall. 2014

We have used the Six Dates Program in the two parishes we belong to – one in Florida and one in Wisconsin.  The parish in Wisconsin has been using it for about 4 years.  We used it once in Florida as a Date Night Program and a small group program during Lent – both programs were well received.  The materials you provide make our job as presenters easy.


Our Florida Parish is starting a Hispanic Marriage Enrichment Ministry so we were excited to see that we can provide them with you materials as they start their efforts.  This year we will be doing a series of  5 Date Nights during the month of March.

Cindy Weigel

Ft. Myer, FL

May 26-2013

My parish used the “Happy Together” program for a weekend marriage retreat.  The videos and handouts were easy to use to accommodate a 2 ½ day retreat (instead of a six week program).  The couples enjoyed the materials and questions for discussion. The videos were poignant and funny at the same time.  We would highly recommend the book and video series for any Catholic couple who would like to make their good marriage even better!  We are looking forward to using the “Beatitudes” book and video series for our next retreat.  

Kenneth and Lorie Kolacny

St. Joseph Catholic Church-Honey Creek

Spring Branch, Tx  

Parish Coordinators Said:

-Thanks for making the program so user friendly!

-The message is very positive.

-The program is easy to organize and to run.

-The couples enjoyed the videos.  They laughed and shook their heads in agreement.

-We like the clear, but non-preachy way that you have connected God's love story with each couple's love story.

-Couples have told me how happy they are to have a Catholic program.

-The handouts and the suggested questions have been very well received.

-The book, Happy Together, is very easy to read.

-We are impressed with the professional quality.

Couples Said:

-We enjoyed going on a date and having some time alone together.

-We gained insights from the couples in the videos.

-We found out that other couples are like us.

-The handouts guided our conversation with questions that made us think.

-We were reminded of what we as Catholics believe about marriage.