Meeting Couples Where They Are

              Caring for your marriage begins with making time for each other


In today’s busy world we are all pulled in different directions by competing demands for our time.  Spouses know that spending time together alone is good for their marriage, but often other priorities take precedence.  


The Catholic Church cares about the health of marriages. Two programs for parishes presented at this year’s National Association of Catholic Family Life Minister conference in Dallas, TX, proclaim: Caring for your marriage begins with making time for each other.  The two programs are: SIX DATES for Catholic Couples, and The BEATITUDES: A Couple’s Path to Greater Joy.


With these programs parishes invite spouses to go on dates, as they did before they got married.  Couples bring their children to the parish where childcare is provided, watch a short video, and then go on their date.  Spouses are also given conversation starters on the subject of the evening.  The topics range from remembering our love story, to “what about me?” to Christian marriage as our vocation, to living the Beatitudes in our daily life.  


Parishes that have used SIX DATES for Catholic Couples have found that this program is easy to use and is well received by spouses.    The couples that participate are finding this program moving both emotionally and spiritually.


SIX DATES for Catholic Couples was introduced in 2010 and over 3000 couples have benefited from it in the USA, Canada, and Australia.  The Beatitudes: A Couples Path to Greater Joy program is new this year, and was created as a follow up to SIX DATES for Catholic Couples.   


Find out more about these programs at: or participate in a free conference call: August 8th,  1:00 to 2:00 Central Time.

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